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Teaching Philosophy

I think singing should be fun! My focus is on healthy singing through good technique. I believe any voice can improve with work on breath, tone, relaxation and placement. I work with beginners and professional level singers. I am trained as a classical singer, a pedagogue, and an actor.

My students sing classical music, folk, jazz, musical theater, and really whatever they want! I am willing to teach young children (under 12), as long as the parents understand that these are more music lessons focused on singing then actual voice lessons.

I usually divide voice lessons between technique and applying that technique to whatever music the student wishes to work on with me. I want the student to sing the music they love, and hopefully be open to my musical suggestions as well. Sight-singing and music theory lessons are tailored to fit each students' needs and previous experience (if any). I am happy to combine voice lessons with theory and sight-singing lessons as students' request.


I charge $65 for a one hour lesson, $50 for 45 minutes, and $40 for 30 minutes - all in my home studio.

I require 24 hours for a cancellation if you want to reschedule, otherwise , I have to charge for the lesson.

Group rates can be negotiated!

Scholarships are available on limited basis.

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